August 19, 20, 21 2016
 Somers CT

2018 Hartford County 4-H

 Fair Schedule 


Friday, August 17th - 8am - 9pm

 Saturday, August 18th - 8am - 9pm

Sunday, August 19th - 8am - 5pm

Fair Schedule is subject to change at any time

            Friday August 17th

      8:30am    Livestock JudgingContest

                      Dairy Judging Contest

      9:00am    Rabbit Showmanship

                      Rabbit Knowledge test

      9:30am    Judging in Exhibition Center

                       (building closed)

      10:30am  Dairy Goat Breed Show

      11:00am  Pocket Pet show

      1:00pm    Poultry Showmanship

      2:00pm    Rabbit Breed Show

      2:30pm    Produce, Utility & Pet Goat Show

      3:00pm - 9:00pm 


       3:30pm  Poultry Breed

                     Goat Knowledge Test

       5:00pm  Opening Ceremonies

                     Crowning Fair King and Queen

                     Premium BookDedication

      6:00pm  Still Above Ground

      6:30pm  Horse Draw

                                Swine Show


       Sunday August 19th

7:45am   Road Race Registration

9:00am   5k Race

              Dairy Breed Show

10:00am Kids Pedal Tractor Pull 

              (Sign up at office all weekend)

10:30am  Demonstrations

11:00am  Sheep Lead Line

               Vet Science Test

12:00pm  Doodlebug Draw 

       Costume Class

1:00pm    Premier Showmanship

3:00pm    4-H Olymics

4:30pm     Fair Closing Ceremonies


       Saturday August 18th

8:30am   Dog Show Registration         

9:00am   Antique Tractor Pull

             Dog Show

              Beef Show

10:00am  Goat showmanship


12:00pm  Ashly Larosa

1:00pm - 5:00pm



               Carnival Games

2:00pm   Dairy Showmanship

3:00pm   Llama/Alpaca Show

             Vex Robotics

3:00pm - 7:00pm 


4:30pm  Sheep Show

5:00pm  Braiden Sunshine

5:30pm  Chicken Bar-B-Que

               Reservation form

6:00pm    Doodlebug Draw